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Virtual finance teams

that free you to grow


We enable ambitious startups to scale, thrive and deliver on their purpose though the power of numbers

We believe that ambitious,   disruptive startup businesses have the power to change the world

Our mission is help you maximise the impact your organisation has on its community, on society, and on the planet

We’re the full-stack virtual finance team for your business


We put your finances on rails and give you the insight and support you need to...

Increase your
growth velocity

Maximise your valuation

Achieve your

“Working with Accelerate has been life-changing”


We help you...

Get an accurate real-time view of your finances

Understand the impact of your decisions on the business’s future cash position and valuation

Spend zero time and energy on financial admin


Avoid the cash and time drain of  hiring an in-house finance team

How We Help

Why Choose Us?

Pain relief

We understand the common pain points of start-up founders and we’ve come equipped to solve them


Start moving forward

from Day 1

we have systems and processes ready to roll out so you can give your finances some forward momentum straight away


A subscription-based model giving you faster traction, more flexibility, lower cost, less hassle and zero commitment compared to recruiting, training and maintaining an in-house finance team


Full-stack finance function

Everything a startup needs on your journey from Seed to Series A

Industry-standard tech stack

We implement best-in-class ecosystem of apps and technology, build around Xero, to future proof your finance operations

Planned obsolescence

We prepare the ground for your first in-house CFO, and we want to make ourselves redundant by getting you to a stage where you can afford to hire one as early as possible

“For startups focused on growth, Accelerate is the logical alternative to recruiting, training and maintaining an in-house finance team"

​Richard Sykes
Founder, Accelerate

Three levels of support

Virtual Finance Controller

Manage the cash coming in and going out of your business, and prepare financial reports

Virtual Finance Director

Plan your year, produce a cashflow forecast, finance KPI dashboard and run quarterly finance meetings with your Board

Virtual Finance Manager

Basics of transactional processing on rails, payroll, employee expenses and VAT returns


“Since starting work with Accelerate, we’re re-energised towards our goals & purpose, and we’ve got the insights and focus we need to stay on track”

Deana Murfitt
CEO, Breakfast People


Virtual Finance Manager

Four key deliverables

Xero + an app ecosystem

We build and maintain a best-in-class finance tech stack, giving you systems and processes built for scale

Weekly bookkeeping

Invoices posted and bank accounts reconciled every week, so you see an up-to-date cash position and have more accurate data

Fast month-end close

Numbers finalised within 5 working days, increasing speed & agility in your decision-making process

Audit-proof & dataroom-ready books & reports

No re-working numbers or creating reports from scratch when investors or auditors require them 


Virtual Financial Controller

Four key deliverables

Monthly board pack

An visually-rich financial report that’s ready to share with your investors and other stakeholders, designed to keep them informed, at-ease, and reduce the time spent dealing with ad-hoc requests and queries

Sales invoicing sorted

Customers billed promptly and payments chased up to boost your bank balance and extend your cash runway

Supplier payments without the hassle

Supplier invoices paid on time to manage your cash balance without damaging goodwill, and with super-easy approval workflow to save founders’ time

Cash monitoring

Get alerted when cash balance drops below a warning threshold, so you can take action before it reaches critical level 


Virtual Finance Director

Four key deliverables

Annual 1-page plan

Document your business model and annual objectives on a single page document that identifies your key priorities and aligns your exec team on a singular direction of travel


Cashflow forecast

An integrated 4-way forecast (P&L, balance sheet, cashflow, valuation) that maps out a route for the next 12+ months, and allows you to see when & where your off-track as you move forward. Beautifully presented, ready for your next raise.

KPI dashboard

See your most important numbers in a visual dashboard that updates regularly. Bring in non-financial metrics so you can measure lead indicators as well as lag, and focus your energy on moving them in the right direction

Quarterly board meeting

A quarterly meeting bringing structure to your decision making process, and the accountability to ensure that you & your team’s ideas are implemented and agreed actions are completed.

“One of the most destructive things a team can do is to focus too much energy on administration and management tasks that don’t add value directly to customers or future acquirers”

Daniel Priestley


Virtual CFO

starts from £2,000

per month

Virtual FC

starts from £1,500

per month

Virtual FM

starts from £750

per month


Xero account + tech stack

Weekly bookkeeping

Monthly payroll

Employee expense management

VAT returns

Management accounts

Sales ledger management

Purchase ledger management

Treasury and cash management

Annual 1-page plan

Cashflow forecast

Finance kpi dashboard

Quarterly board meeting

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