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Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Improvement Coaching

The better you understand your business, the easier it will be to increase your profits and free up cashflow.

Differences in values, beliefs and strategies can disrupt and destabilise your Team and culture.  This also impacts the service you provide to your clients.

Your Core Values will make managing team and client expectations a lot easier.  Core Values act as ‘decision-making filters’ for daily business operation. 


They align a Team’s thinking and acting, while reducing workplace tension and helping to build better working relationships. 

Core Values must be developed from within to be authentic to your company and Team.  Our effective Core Values Development service allows us to act as a neutral facilitator and lead the process so that your outcome truly reflects your business.

During your Core Values Development session, we will:

  • Discuss the benefits of Core Values

  • Brainstorm important values for the attendees

  • Prioritise and refine to have up to 5 final Values

  • Develop a key definition for each Core Value

  • Plan how to implement and display them


Prior to the session, attendees will complete pre-work to get thinking about their values and vision in order to gain maximum benefit from the process.  We’ll then facilitate a 3-4 hour session to create up to five Core Values with definitions.  These will underpin the behaviour expectations within your organisation. 

You’ll also learn how to maximise the effectiveness of your Core Values and ensure the team lives by them.   Core Values enable a business to differentiate itself from competitors.  They communicate what is important to you, your employees, and the company. 

Core Values are a primary recruitment tool and invaluable for client and employee retention.  It’s about getting the very best from your Team, ensuring everyone (including you) loves coming to work. 


When your Team live and breathe your Core Values, your business goals are more likely to be realised.


If you don’t have Core Values that define expectations and behaviour within your business then contact us today.

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